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Double Glazed Glass Melbourne

Insulated glass units or double glazed units are the assembly of two glass panes separated by an edge spacer. The units are sealed on all edges to prevent outside air from entering the unit. Desiccant inside the spacer removes traces of humidity from the air space so that no water appears on the inside face of the glass panes.
DGU’s are becoming more popular in australia as energy costs and environmental concerns continue to rise.

High performance IGUs now have energy efficient low-emissivity glass, less convective argon gas in place of air inside the IGU and 'warm-edge' spacers of plastic composite as opposed to less thermally efficient metal, achieving up to 50% improved heat retention.

Typically used for:
- Doors and windows
- Domestic and commercial glazing.
- Thermal and acoustic efficiency..

Climatech Double Glazed Units
Climatech Soft Low E Coated Glass Double Glazed Units
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